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Traditional or Roth IRA

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Eligibility questions
1. Does your compensation this tax year equal or exceed the amount you are contributing to this account? Married taxpayers who file jointly use their combined income to determine each spouse's IRA contribution limits. If you file a joint return and have less taxable compensation than your spouse, your IRA contribution for the year cannot exceed the lesser of (i) the maximum contribution limit established by the IRS for the tax year based on your age, or (i) the combined compensation of you and your spouse reduced by your spouse's IRA contribution for the year. Compensation is defined as either earned income for an employee or self-employed person, or alimony. See IRS Publication 590 for more information.

This is an application for opening a self directed individual retirement account with the custodian Oxford Life Insurance Company for IRA investors of U-Haul Investors Club. I authorize and direct Oxford Life Insurance Company to deposit all funds into the U-Haul Investors Club® account established for my IRA. Upon acceptance, Your IRA custodian will be:

Oxford Life Insurance Company
2721 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Please consult your tax advisor if you are an active participant in a qualified corporate or Keogh pension, profit sharing, stock bonus or annuity plan; in a simplified employee pension or SIMPLE IRA; in a Section 403b tax sheltered annuity; or in a government plan as your deduction limit for contributions to a traditional IRA may be reduced or eliminated.