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Frequently asked questions

What is a U-Note?

A U-Note is a collateralized debt security issued by U-Haul Holding Company®, a Nevada corporation. All U-Notes are full recourse to the issue.

Is there a fee to join or a monthly service fee?

No, there is no fee to join and there are no monthly service fees.

Is there a minimum balance requirement?

To begin investing, your U-Haul Investors Club account must have a balance of at least $100.

I signed up, but I didn’t get an account activation email. What should I do?

First, check your email provider's spam or bulk email folder.  You may have the email, just not in your inbox.  If you're sure you don't have the email from the U-Haul Investors Club, please try to sign in with the original email address.  You will receive a message notifying you that the account is not yet activated.  Then, follow the instructions for requesting a new account activation email.

Will U-Haul Investors Club still consider issuing the U-Note when its offering’s funding percentage is low on the offering close date?

Yes, U-Haul Holding Company® may still decide to fund the offering and issue the U-Note even when it’s not 100% funded by the investors.  In addition, U-Haul Holding Company® may choose to (i) extend the offering period or (ii) cancel the offering.  At U-Haul Holding Company's® sole discretion, U-Haul Holding Company® may decide to cancel an offering even when it is 100% funded by the investors.  If an offering is cancelled, the money subscribed will be credited to the investor’s U-Haul Investors Club account.

What information do I need to provide in order to join the U-Haul Investors Club?

You will need to provide an email address, mailing address, phone number, your birthday, a government issued ID number (such as driver license number, state-issued ID number, military ID number or passport number) and your social security number in order for the U-Haul Investors Club to enroll you as a U-Haul Investors Club member. The information collected is for the purpose of tax reporting and other federal regulations, and you will be responsible for notifying U-Haul Investors Club of any changes to this information. Once you have signed up, and before you start investing, you will have to provide your bank account information so that your U-Haul Investors Club account can be linked to your external bank account. Membership to the U-Haul Investors Club is limited to U.S. residents.

How do I add/withdraw funds?

You will need a checking or savings account linked to your U-Haul Investors Club account in order to add or withdraw funds.  If you are a member and have not established the link, please sign in and click on “Add funds to your U-Haul Investors Club account.”  You will then be prompted to enter information with respect to your existing bank account.  For your security, the U-Haul Investors Club will make two small withdrawals (under $1) from your bank account.  When your bank account has been debited, return to, sign in and verify the amount of the debit.  This amount will automatically be returned to your bank account in a few business days.  You must verify your account in order to proceed with investing in U-Notes.

What is the minimum initial deposit required to start a U-Haul Investors Club account?

The minimum initial deposit required is $100. You can then add to or withdraw from your U-Haul Investors Club account in any denomination.

Can U-Haul employees invest?

Yes, U-Haul employees may open a U-Haul Investors Club account and invest in U-Notes.

How long does it take for the funds to transfer from my bank account to my U-Haul Investors Club account?

Fund transfers are processed through ACH (Automated Clearing House). Funds usually post to your U-Haul Investors Club account after 3-4 business days.

How long does it take for the funds to transfer from my U-Haul Investors Club account to my bank account?

Fund transfers are processed through ACH (Automated Clearing House). If you initiate a transfer of funds from your U-Haul Investors Club account to your linked bank account, such funds will usually post to your bank account after 3-4 business days for non-qualified accounts, and 7-8 business days for qualified accounts (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and CESA). Please note that in order to ensure sufficient funds, there may be up to a thirty (30) day hold on the funds you transferred from your bank account to the U-Haul Investors Club account. Therefore, you cannot withdraw the funds you deposited to your U-Haul Investors Club account in the first 30 calendar days. For IRA transactions, please click here.

Does the uninvested cash in my U-Haul Investors Club account earn interest?

No, interest is not earned on cash in your U-Haul Investors Club account.

Where can I get more detailed information before I invest in U-Notes?

View U-Haul Holding Company prospectus and prospectus supplements for details on the risks, and terms and conditions of investing in U-Notes.  Additionally, the applicable prospectus supplement for each U-Notes offering can be viewed under the "view full details" link on the "investment opportunities" tab.  The prospectus supplement must be read by investors and prospective investors before making a decision to invest in such U-Notes offering.

Are the principal and interest payments on my U-Notes automatically reinvested?

No, your principal and interest payments are not automatically reinvested.  However, you may subscribe to purchase additional U-Notes with the funds in your U-Haul Investors Club account.  Neither the U-Haul Investors Club, nor U-Haul Holding Company® and its affiliates, provide investment advice.

When the U-Haul Investors Club makes a payment on my U-Note, does the payment go directly to my bank account?

No. Payments on your U-Notes are credited to your U-Haul Investors Club account.  You have the choice to (i) leave those funds as uninvested in your U-Haul Investors Club account. Please note that any such uninvested funds do not accrue interest; (ii) reinvest those funds in other U-Notes; or (iii) withdraw the funds by initiating a fund transfer from your U-Haul Investors Club account to your linked bank account. Please follow the steps on the website in order to initiate a fund transfer. You may transfer funds out of your U-Haul Investors Club account once per week (Sunday through Saturday) without fees. For any additional transfers, you will be charged a transfer fee. Please note that in order to ensure sufficient funds, there may be up to a thirty (30) day hold before the funds are transferred from your U-Haul Investors Club account to your linked bank account.

Is my investment guaranteed by the FDIC?

No. U-Notes are not savings accounts, deposit accounts or money market funds and are not guaranteed or insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve or any other governmental agency. View U-Haul Holding Company's prospectus and prospectus supplements for details on the risks, terms and conditions of investing with U-Haul Investors Club.

Will I be able to sell my U-Notes?

There is no secondary market for you to post or sell U-Notes. However, you are entitled to transfer your U-Note from a non-qualified account to another investor's non-qualified account as long as he/she is a U-Haul Investors Club member. The transfer and re-title fee is $0 per transfer (fee subject to change). Accordingly, you must be prepared to hold each U-Note investment until its respective maturity date.

Will I be able to trade my U-Notes?

No, you are not able to trade U-Notes. There is no secondary market for U-Notes. Accordingly, you must be prepared to hold each U-Note investment until its respective maturity date.

Is a U-Note comparable to a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or a savings account?

No, a U-Note is not comparable to a CD or a savings account.  When you purchase a U-Note, you are lending money to U-Haul Holding Company®.  U-Haul Holding Company® repays that loan by making scheduled repayments to you through the U-Haul Investors Club.  These repayments usually include both principal and interest.  The principal repayments reduce your existing U-Note balance.  Your interest payments are calculated based on the current outstanding principal balance left on your U-Note.    Before investing, you should review the payout schedule of your proposed U-Note investment by clicking on 'View payment schedule' under the full details of a U-Note.  In addition, unlike most CDs and savings accounts, U-Notes are not FDIC insured and cannot be redeemed (or 'cashed-out') by you at your option under any circumstances.  U-Notes must be held by investors until the stated maturity date, unless earlier redeemed by U-Haul Holding Company® in its sole discretion.

How does the Refer-a-Friend program work?

The Refer-a-Friend program is available to U-Haul Investors Club members who have owned a U-Note.  You may send out referrals to the U-Haul Investors Club to as many people as you would like. Your account will be credited when your friend joins the U-Haul Investors Club, subscribes to purchase a U-Note and the U-Note is issued to that person.  You may receive referral credits for up to five friends per twelve-month period of time starting when you receive your first credit.  Each credit is currently worth $25 towards your U-Note purchase, and you can only use it to purchase U-Notes.  The Refer-a-Friend program may be discontinued by the U-Haul Investors Club at anytime without prior notice.

My name has changed. How can I reflect this name-change on my U-Haul Investors Club account?

Please contact the U-Haul Investors Club at or fax (602) 745-6404 and supply a copy of (i) your driver's license or other form of government issued identification that shows your name before you made the legal name change, and (ii) the legal documentation to support your name change (Example: Your marriage certificate).  For business entities, please supply the name-change documentation issued by the applicable Secretary of State office or other governing body.

I forgot my password or my email address, what should I do?

On the sign in page click 'Trouble signing in?' to recover or reset your sign in information.

Is the U-Haul Investors Club open to residents of Canada?

The U-Haul Investors Club is currently only available to U.S. residents. U-Haul Holding Company® may consider extending the program to Canadian residents in the future.

What if the collateral securing my U-Note is stolen, lost, damaged, destroyed or taken under a condemnation?

While any form of loss or damage to the asset will reduce the value of your collateral, U-Haul Holding Company's® obligation to repay the U-Note in full will continue to exist.  In the event of a loss, you will remain secured in the remaining collateral securing your U-Note.  U-Haul Holding Company® has no obligation to replace or repair collateral.  In the event of such a loss, U-Haul Holding Company® will have the choice to redeem the remaining balance of the U-Note or to continue making the scheduled payments.    Please refer to the prospectus and the prospectus supplements for more detailed information.

Are the U-Haul Investors Club offerings a typical corporate bond?

No.  Corporate bonds are typically not secured by any collateral and are issued by underwriters from investment banks.  Corporate bonds are often listed on major exchanges and have credit ratings assigned by the credit rating agencies.  At U-Haul Investors Club, no underwriters or other third-party have been engaged to facilitate the sale of the Notes in the offerings.  U-Notes are backed by collateral, and they are not listed on any exchange and are not rated by any credit rating agencies.

Can I cancel my subscription to purchase U-Notes?

Your subscription to purchase U-Notes can be canceled 10 minutes prior to the time on which U-Haul Holding Company® closes the offering.  Upon the day of closing of the offering, your subscription to purchase U-Notes will be irrevocable.

Can I transfer funds from my 401K or other employer sponsored retirement plans to my U-Haul Investors Club IRA even if I remain employed?

In many cases, you may be eligible to transfer the funds if you are 59 ½ or older. However, every plan is different so please contact your employer and your financial advisor before you initiate the fund transfer.

What information do I need to initiate a direct transfer from my current IRA/401K provider to my U-Haul Investors Club IRA?

You need to know your current IRA/401K provider’s company name, address, phone number and account number, which can be found in your monthly/quarterly statements. You may also obtain this information by contacting your current IRA/401K provider.

Is there any fee to initiate IRA contributions or distributions (ie. make a deposit or withdrawal to/from my U-Haul Investors Club account)?

While Oxford Life Insurance Company, the custodian for U-Haul Investors Club IRAs, does not charge a fee on IRA contributions or distributions, you may want to check with your existing retirement plan provider(s) or your financial institutions to find out if they charge any fees before initiating a transfer of funds to your U-Haul Investors Club IRA. U-Haul Holding Company® will not be responsible for fees charged by a third party, so any fees charged by your existing retirement plan provider(s) and financial institution(s) will not be paid or reimbursed by U-Haul Investors Club.

How many beneficiaries can be added to my accounts?

You can have one primary beneficiary and one contingent beneficiary per account. You may create additional accounts with different beneficiaries.

If I start a U-Haul Investors Club IRA today, when will I be able to start investing?

The waiting period may vary depend on your contribution method. First, every new IRA account will need to pass the 7-day IRA revocation period mandated by IRS before the account becomes active. After the 7th calendar day, Oxford Life (the custodian for U-Haul Investors Club IRAs) will then initiate your fund transfer through ACH or deposit your check if it has been received. While an IRA’s ACH transaction will typically take 7-8 days after the 7th revocation day, a direct transfer may take up to several weeks depending on your current IRA provider.

What is the 7-day revocation period?

As required by federal law, you have the right to revoke your IRA by delivering a written revocation notice to the custodian within 7 days after establishing the IRA. If you revoke your IRA, you are entitled to receive a return of all funds you contributed to the IRA.

I am currently a U-Haul employee and I am 59 ½ or older. How can I transfer all or part of my U-Haul 401k fund into a U-Haul Investors Club retirement account without triggering a tax event?

There are two steps to complete this procedure.  (i) Sign up for an account - Click on “Join for free”, then start the application process by selecting “Rollover or transfer your 401k”, then select “From an existing Traditional 401k to a new U-Haul Investors Club Traditional IRA”.  (ii) Submit a U-Haul 401(K) distribution request on or call Fidelity at 800-835-5095.

How do I make a withdrawal from my U-Haul Investors Club Coverdell Educational Savings Account?

The Investors (the Responsible Individuals) will need to log in to their accounts and select “transfers” then “withdraw funds” to initiate the distribution.  There are two ways to make a withdrawal; Normal distribution and Direct transfer.  Normal distribution will require Responsible Individuals to link their checking or saving account with their U-Haul account, and the payment will be sent directly to the linked account via ACH.  Direct transfer option will require the Responsible Individuals to provide name of the external custodian, address and receiving account number.  U-Haul Investors Club and Oxford Life Insurance do not send payments to the beneficiary or the education-related organization and will not request proof of the educational spending.

When are new offerings usually posted?

When new offerings are available, they will typically be released on Tuesday at 2:30pm Arizona Time.

If I am requesting a direct transfer to/from a qualified account, do I need to provide additional documentation?

Yes, when requesting a directtransfer to/from a qualified account, additional information, such asa Letter of Acceptance, may be requested by U-Haul Investors Club® IRAcustodian, Oxford Life Insurance Company.