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U-Haul Investors Club®

Investing made easier®

Concepts of Direct Investing - U-Notes®

Corporate Notes with direct Investing saves compared to traditional middle men.

Benefits of Direct Investing in U-Notes®

The U-Haul Investors Club has several unique features that individuals do not normally see in investment opportunities, even in peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding.

Fixed interest rate

You can count on your payment without worrying about the state of the economy.

Small denominations

Unlike many annuities or mutual funds, you can invest in increments as small as $100.

Backed by a specific asset

U-Notes are backed by assets such as trailers, trucks, real estate and equipment.


You are investing with us directly through our website and we issue U-Notes® directly without going through underwriters or brokers. There is no sales charge or brokerage commission and there is no fee to join.


We make diversifying your investment portfolio easy with several account types such as Individual, Trust (Individual and Corporation), Custodial, LLC, Partnership, Corporation (C type and S type), Qualified funds account types (Traditional and Roth IRAs) and Coverdell Educational Saving Account (CESA).

How to invest in U-Notes®

Step 1

The first thing to do is join the U-Haul Investors Club®.

Step 2

Sign in and transfer funds to your U-Haul Investors Club® account.

Step 3

Browse investment opportunities and invest in U-Notes® that work for you.

Things to consider before you invest with U-Haul Investors Club®

We believe in transparency, so here are a few things you should know before you start investing.

U-Haul Investors Club® is not for short-term investors

U-Haul Investors Club® members cannot easily sell or trade their U-Notes®, and are required to hold the U-Note® until maturity unless earlier redeemed by us in our sole discretion. Maturities range between 2 to 30 years, please review the terms in our prospectus and prospectus supplements carefully and invest accordingly.

The U-Note® is not FDIC insured

While the money you deposit into your U-Haul Investors Club® account is not insured by anyone, your investment is secured by the asset.

There are risks involved

As with all forms of investments, risk can only be reduced, not eliminated. View our prospectus and prospectus supplements for details on the risks of investing with U-Haul Investors Club®.

No pre-payment penalty

We reserve the right to pay back any U-Note® at any time, with no pre-payment penalties. However, we are under no obligation to do so.

Full-Recourse Obligation

"Full-Recourse Obligation" means that U-Haul Holding Company (the issuer) is required to repay you the full amount of principal and interest owed. Your recovery is not limited to the value of the collateral securing your U-Note®, as would be the case in a limited-recourse or non-recourse scenario. The collateral provides you with a security interest and lien on the specified asset(s) you select with your investment, and the full recourse nature of the U-Note® means that U-Haul Holding Company is required to repay you in full. View our prospectus and prospectus supplements and all terms and conditions for details on the risks of investing with U-Haul Investors Club®.

No secondary market

Each U-Note® investment must be held until its respective maturity date. There is no secondary market for U-Notes®, and you will not be able to sell the U-Note® back to the company. If you want to sell your U-Note® held in a non-qualified account to another investor's non-qualified account you will need to find a buyer yourself and pay a transfer and re-title fee. The current fee is $0.00 per transfer (Fee subject to change without prior notice).