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Which U-Box® Delivery Option is Best for You?

U-Haul has the been the leader in do-it-yourself moving for over 75 years and now we’re leading the way in the portable moving and storage market with our convenient, flexible and secure U-Box containers! Not only does the size of the container make it perfect for any move, but our many delivery options give you the ability to scale your move from a do-it-yourself move up to an easy low-cost full-service move. Below we’ll go into detail on all of your options so you can make every move the right move with U-Box.

Truck Delivery

When We Deliver, you will have your containers delivered directly to your door, driveway or parking spot! Depending on your area, you may see one or two different options for We Deliver.

A popular option available in many markets is Truck Delivery. A U-Haul driver will bring your portable moving and storage containers on a flatbed truck and unload them using a forklift. Our versatile forklift allows the driver to place your container almost anywhere on your property. All you need is a flat, level surface and the moving containers will be placed on the ground. Be sure to check with your city or HOA if you are planning on having the containers placed in the street. Some places require permits or prohibit leaving a container on the street overnight.

Truck Delivery is best if you want your storage container delivered to your door or are looking for on-site storage during a remodel or while staging your home. Truck delivery also provides you with the easiest option if you are planning on loading and unloading your containers without professional help since the containers will be placed directly on the ground.

With Moving Help® Delivery, a local, professional Moving Help ® service provider who you choose based on other customers’ reviews will deliver your containers to you on a specially built trailer. They can bring you one or two at a time. The trailer is designed with a ramp to make loading your containers easy. Once you are finished loading, the Moving Help ® provider will pick up your containers and return them to your neighborhood U-Haul location.

Moving Help® Full Service

If you want your containers delivered to your door, but don’t want to load them yourself, then Moving Help® Full Service is for you! This service includes delivery and loading (or unloading) of your containers. You can choose from a variety of local, customer-rated service providers who will deliver your containers to your home, load your belongings inside, and drop the containers back off at your neighborhood U-Haul location. This option brings the service you expect from long distance moving companies at a fraction of the cost. You won’t need to drive a truck or lift a single item. Let the professionals do all the work for you!


The self-delivery option allows you to tow your U-Box containers to your home and pay no delivery fees. Using self-delivery gives you complete control over the timing of your move. If you don’t have a vehicle that is capable of towing a U-Box container, you can rent a U-Haul pickup truck to tow your container. Self-delivery works best if you are looking to pack on your own schedule. It is also a perfect solution if you are renting multiple containers but only have the space to load one at a time.

Access at U-Haul Location

If you want to save money on delivery or you don’t have the room to keep a container at home, you can load your container at a U-Haul location for free! Once you are done loading your container, we can store it or ship it anywhere you need it. This option is also great if you are planning on sharing a U-Box container with others or if you need to ship your belongings from a traditional storage unit to another location.

Whether you are moving from state to state or from one town to another, we have a solution to fit your move and your budget. If you need more information on these delivery options or how a U-Box move is right for you, contact a U-Box representative at (877) GO-UHAUL. Visit now to learn more.