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Everyday Uses for a Pickup Truck Rental

The “you’re going to need a bigger boat” moment. Not everyone owns a pickup truck, but at one point or another, everyone needs one. Pickup truck rentals serve as a resource for when that time comes, and the uses go far beyond moving too. So, what else might you need it for?

Pickup Truck Uses

Landscaping and Home Improvement Projects

Next time you pass your local home improvement store, look at the parking lot. What type of vehicles do you see the most? Trucks. The lumber you need for the kitchen makeover will never fit in your car unless you are taking a lot of trips. A pickup truck rental allows you to fit the materials you need and avoid those high delivery fees. The back of a truck will fit the materials for that gardening project as well. Bags of soil, gravel, decorative stones, and everything else leave a dirty trail in your car. Keep the mess away from your own vehicle and plant that seed with a rental pickup truck.

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Special Events

Nothing really compares to bringing that real Christmas tree home for the holidays. The fun, family event can take a turn when the perfect sized tree for the living room is far too big for the car. Instead of settling for the tree you didn’t want, a rental pickup truck is one click away with 24/7 Truck Share. The versatility of a truck let’s people lug countless items for the biggest events in their lives. Tons of decorations for the wedding or birthday party? No problem at all. Coaching the local soccer team and a few of the kids - and their equipment - need a ride to the next match. There’s room for them too.

Bringing Home that New Appliance

Need a new washer and dryer? Did the old reliable grill finally give out? What about a TV upgrade for movie night? Any retailer will upcharge for a delivery fee for any appliance that includes waiting for the movers and hoping they don’t break anything in your home. A pickup truck rental allows you to come home with that new appliance on your own time starting at only $19.95. If you’re planning on making a purchase of an appliance, you can make a pickup truck rental and a dolly reservation at your nearest U-Haul location before you head to the store.

The Parking Lot Party

The biggest game of the year is coming this weekend. Your buddies and you have had tickets for weeks. Tailgating for the full gameday experience has always been the plan, but it’s the first time for all of you.

What does a tailgating checklist look like?

  • Grill
  • Grilling equipment
  • Propane tank
  • Chairs
  • Cooler
  • Table
  • Trash Can
  • Speaker

As the list continues to get longer, you might wonder how you are going to transport all of this. Luckily, the truck bed has the space for your tailgating needs. Call your friends and get ready to load up the truck with your favorite meats and drinks.

Towing Service

Need to tow a trailer, boat, or camper? That’s no problem at all. All U-Haul pickup truck rentals come equipped with hitch installed for all your towing needs. That summer weekend getaway just got easier with one rental reservation. Combine the truck with a utility or cargo trailer. Your college-bound daughter needs a mini fridge, desk, shelving, and the cargo trailer for all her clothes. Will that all fit in her dorm room? That’s a different story.

Where to Rent a Pickup Truck?

A rental reservation can be made by the day, week, or even month to fit your project’s time period. There are many everyday pickup truck uses that you can take advantage of in your life. Find a pickup truck rental near you today.

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