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What To Do With Your Boxes After Moving

That sigh of relief after you’ve finally unpacked and put everything away from your move. It’s easy to smile as your new home is truly yours now. But as you lean back in your couch, you look over to see that pile of moving boxes that you used to make this all happen.

What are you going to do with all of them? Throwing them away feels wasteful. There are other options out there, that can help the environment and your wallet.

What To Do With Used Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are typically made of corrugated cardboard, which is a readily recyclable material. There are also plenty of ways to reuse your moving boxes. U-Haul, who has tons of moving supplies, offers a box exchange and a few other programs to help you figure out what to do with your boxes after moving.

Recycle Moving Boxes

Cardboard moving boxes are easily recyclable, if you want to simply get rid of your moving boxes, recycle them. Recycling cardboard is effective, helps the environment, and reduces the cardboard waste that stacks up in landfills. Recycling also conserves water and reduces energy consumption.

All U-Haul cardboard moving boxes are curbside recyclable. Before you put them in your recyclable bin or take them to a local recycling facility make sure the boxes are prepared to be recycled. The boxes need to be broken down and be able to lay completely flat. Any tape or adhesives need to be removed before placing the boxes into a curbside bin.

Another idea for your used moving boxes is to find ways to reuse them.

How to Reuse Moving Boxes

Moving boxes can be reused in countless ways. With a little bit of creativity, you can even have fun with the boxes. Most people reuse moving boxes for storage and shipping reasons. U-Haul is the perfect choice for this reason because its corrugated cardboard boxes are built to be durable and hold up in storage and during shipping.

There are other resourceful ideas to reuse the boxes. Maybe you know someone else that is moving, and they need moving boxes. A local charity might need boxes, give call them to see if they could use extra boxes. If you moved into an apartment and are only planning on living there for a year, break down the boxes and save them for your next move.

Then there is the creative portion of moving boxes. Here are a few fun ideas for your used moving boxes:

  • Gift Boxes
  • Plant Bins
  • Furniture Sliders
  • Cardboard Furniture
  • Fort for the Kids
  • Scratching Post for the Cats
  • Drawer Dividers
  • Shoe Rack
  • Wall Decoration (You’ll need to paint them)

U-Haul Box Exchange

U-Haul provides multiple reuse programs including its box exchange program. This is a resource for our customers to find one another and exchange products. After a move, a U-Haul customer may post about their leftover boxes and if you find someone in your area, send them a message and reuse those boxes and moving supplies.

There is also the “Take a Box, Leave a Box” bin at all the 2,000-plus U-Haul stores. This encourages people to bring in gently used boxes to their local U-Haul location and leave them in this part of the store (if you can’t find it be sure to ask a U-Haul team member). Customers can also take those gently used boxes that others have left behind for their own use. This is part of our commitment to reuse our moving boxes. With these two programs, you can save money by not buying brand new boxes and reusing gently used boxes.

U-Haul has continued to be the go-to choice of DIY movers for over 75 years. We can meet all of your moving boxes needs, order today and choose Same-Day Delivery or FREE pickup from a U-Haul store near you. After you get your boxes, if you need a truck, trailer, Moving Help®, or anything else for your move we are here to help.