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Long-Term Storage With U-Box® Containers

There are plenty of great ways to use your U-Box containers. One of the benefits of U-Box is flexibility on how and where they are stored. You have the option of keeping your containers in one of our secure, local storage facilities at your origin or destination for as short or as long as you need. You have a safe and convenient place to keep your containers – at our place.

How U-Box Storage Works

Whether you just finished packing your container today or six months ago, contact us, and we’ll pick up your containers and store them at a nearby U-Haul storage facility. You can treat U-Box storage like traditional self-storage and access your containers as needed, or you can go without accessing them at all. When you’re ready, we’ll bring your containers to your new home or wherever you want.

Ready to get started? Visit your account page to start your long-term storage journey.

How Long Can I Store My U-Box Containers at U-Haul?

You can store your portable storage containers at one of our clean, dry U-Haul storage locations as long as you need to. It could be a few months while you renovate your home. It could be a year or more while you’re on deployment. There are no limits to this convenient long-term storage solution.

U-Box Long Term Storage Use Cases:

  • Last Minute Delay – If your plans change at the last minute but you need to move out of your current space, keeping your U-Box containers in storage can alleviate a lot of stress.
  • In Between Homes – If there is a significant gap between two residences, you can keep your things with us until your new home is ready. We’ll even bring your items to you.
  • Don’t Have Space at Home – If you want the flexibility and convenience of using a U-Box container but you don’t have the space, U-Box storage might be the answer.
  • HOA Regulations – Some apartment complexes and HOAs might not allow you to store your containers at your residence. This is a perfect use case for storing containers with us.
  • Downsizing – When the kids move out, you might find it’s time to get into a smaller space, but you’re not ready to part with their childhood items yet. Long-term storage can help.
  • Temporary Career Change – It could be deployment or an overseas assignment. Whatever the case, long-term storage is a great way to keep things organized until you return.
  • Mission Work or Sabbatical – Leaving the country for a mission or sabbatical means you could need storage for up to two years. With long-term storage, that’s not a problem.

U-Box Long-Term Storage Advantages

A Name You Can Trust

We don’t contract with a third party to store U-Box containers. Your containers (and belongings) will always remain with U-Haul – a trusted leader in the self-storage and moving industry since 1945 – for as long as you keep your items in storage.


When you use U-Box for storage long term, there’s no need to pack the car up and drive to your storage unit. We’ll bring the container(s) to you and take them away when you’re finished packing. We’ll also ship your containers to your new home, or wherever you need them, when you’re ready.

Peace of Mind

Your containers aren’t stored out in the open in some parking lot. They’re kept in a clean, dry, and secure U-Box storage facility that you can access anytime during business hours. Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 so you can rest assured your belongings will be taken care of. Learn more about our Safestor® storage insurance option for added peace of mind.


Your needs can change at any time and your U-Box reservation can be changed to accommodate. In those instances – like when your closing is delayed but you've already moved out of your current space – you have the flexibility to alter your reservation and take advantage of long-term storage.

5 Tips for Long-Term Storage in a Portable Moving Container

Packing for long-term storage is a bit different than packing for short-term. The good news is, it’s easy to get your stuff ready for long-term storage. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Clean and Dry Everything First

We recommend you deep clean your belongings and allow them to dry fully before placing them in storage for any length of time, let alone a long time. The primary reason? Dirt, dust, and debris can damage your items over time, and leftover moisture can lead to mildew growth. Allow appliances to aerate, dust and polish furniture, and thoroughly vacuum sofas and chairs.

2. Use the Proper Packing Supplies

Use plenty of sturdy moving boxes and protective materials to pack your belongings. This should include Enviro-Bubble®, Packing Paper, mattress bags, and Biodegradable Packing Peanuts. Be sure to keep items immobilized in the boxes by using void fill protective materials and specialty boxes, like TV Moving Boxes and Wardrobe Boxes, when possible. Review our moving boxes guide to learn more about available boxes.

3. Load Your Containers Correctly

Loading your containers correctly is just as important as using the right protective packing supplies. Here are a few tips to get you started: organize your belongings into tiers, fill gaps to reduce shifting during transit, and disassemble furniture, when possible, to make loading easier. To help you avoid issues, we put together this guide for loading a U-Box container for moving and storage.

4. Wrap Furniture for Long-Term Storage

It’s not enough to clean and dry your furniture. We also strongly suggest wrapping and protecting your furniture using Mover’s Wrap and Furniture Blankets. Not only does this protect against damage, but it also seals out moisture and dust. Use this packing method on appliances, wooden furniture, sofas, chairs, and other furniture items. Learn more about using Furniture Blankets.

5. Know What NOT to Pack

Yes, there are some things that cannot be packed in a U-Box container, whether it’s stored at your place, our place, or otherwise. Some of these items include (but are not limited to):

  • Fireworks
  • Hazardous waste
  • Food
  • Liquids
  • And more

Review this guide that covers what can be packed in a U-Box container for more information, as well as a comprehensive list of items we don’t recommend you store in a portable moving container. Need to place your portable moving containers in storage soon? Visit your account page to start the process or contact us by phone or send an email to if you have questions.

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