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U-Box Containers vs. Full Service Movers: Which is More Affordable?

If you're looking for the convenience of a full-service move but you’re on a DIY budget, U-Box® is the solution you've been searching for. Not only is renting a U-Box container more affordable than hiring a traditional full-service moving company, it can also be just as effortless when you include Moving Help®. Sounds too good to be true? Allow us to break it down for you.

Three Bedroom House - Phoenix, AZ to Austin, TX (about 1,000 miles):

Type of Mover U-Box By U-Haul Full-Service Movers
Estimated Cost $2,522 - $2,712*  $5,476 - $7,277**
Moving Labor Included Included
Storage 30 Days Included Not Included
Quote Process Instant/Online By Appointment/Phone Call
Packing Services Available Available

*Price estimate includes 2 U-Box containers, gentle ride shipping, and Moving Help. 

**Price estimate from

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How U-Box Containers Work

U-Box portable moving and storage containers offer unparalleled flexibility and control. From the number of containers you rent to the multiple delivery/access options to the length of time needed to complete your move, you’re in control every step of the way.

Here is how the process works from start to finish.

1. Decide How Many Containers You Need

Let us know how many U-Box containers you need. There’s no need to make a survey appointment or talk to a high-pressure sales person. Simply use our user-friendly tool to figure out your needs. Don't fret about over-ordering – you'll only be charged for the containers you use.

2. Select Your Access Date

Let us know when you need your containers so you can begin loading and preparing them for shipping or storage. During the reservation process, you can also specify how long you need access to your containers, whether it's at your location or ours, so you can load them at your convenience.

3. We Deliver Your Containers to You

We'll deliver your containers right to your doorstep, or if you prefer, you can swing by and pick them up. Either way, we'll have them all set and ready for you to start loading up. Don’t worry, loading is easier than you think. If you need a helping hand, Moving Help® is available to do the heavy lifting.

4. Your Containers Are Shipped

When you're ready, we’ll pick up your containers from your home (or a U-Haul storage facility) and ship them to your destination. We guarantee that your containers will arrive on the specified date. You can choose to have them delivered straight to your doorstep or to a U-Haul storage facility.

Additional Benefits of Renting U-Box Containers

  • Move On Your Time – Whether you keep your containers on your property or at a U-Haul storage facility, you can take as long as you need to loading your containers.
  • Transparent Quote – No need to speak to a sales person or give out your personal information. Simply enter the details of your move online and you’ll be given an immediate quote.
  • Doubles as Storage – If you’re in between houses or your new home isn’t ready for you to move in, you can keep your containers at a U-Haul facility and use them for storage.
  • Customizable to Fit Your Needs – U-Box containers offer the most amount of control and customization over your move. Store your items, ship your items; any combination.

Ready to start planning your move? Check out some popular ways to use U-Box containers and how they differ from the competition. When you’re ready, get your fast, transparent U-Box container quote by visiting the U-Box page!

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