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Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Many small businesses begin in a home. And with a lot of hard work, you may eventually find that your business requires more space. Any small business owner knows firsthand how fast you can run out of room when you’re trying to get your project off of the ground.

But for many business owners, the high price of real estate prevents them from expansion. Luckily, renting out a whole new space isn’t necessary. There are actually plenty of secure and affordable storage options out there. No matter what your specific needs are, you are bound to find the perfect storage solution for you and your business.

Why would my business need extra storage?

Whether you’re an accountant, restaurant owner, house flipper, or vintage clothes reseller, you know the importance of having an organized space to work out of. Depending on your profession, you may have a large inventory of items, mountains of paperwork, or tools and supplies for an upcoming project. No matter what your job is, clutter and organization just don’t mix.

Even just a few hundred square feet of extra space could really make a difference. It never hurts to give yourself space to grow. In fact, it may be the catalyst that helps your business boom!

Commercial Storage Options

Utilizing a storage facility is a great option for small business owners looking for more space. Many folks think that storage units are only for personal use, but there are many reasons that make it a great storage solution for small businesses too.

Pros of Commercial Storage
  • No long-term contracts: Most storage rentals are charged on a monthly basis, saving you from any complex contracts
  • Online account management: U-Haul allows business owners to manage their storage units on a unique online dashboard. It allows you to manage payments, authorize storage access, keep track of when the unit is accessed, and keep inventory of all of your belongings
  • Advanced security measures: Security is U-Haul’s number one priority, which means that we invest in industry-leading security technology. We’re known for our MAX security strategy, giving customers peace of mind that no one can enter their units except for them
  • Flexible hours: A storage facility is pointless if you can’t access your items! That’s why we keep our storage access open from 5am-10pm daily. So, even if you’re busy during work hours, you’ll have plenty of time to access your units. At some locations, we even offer 24-hour access
  • Climate-controlled storage: Certain items are extra sensitive to temperature, moisture, or other potential environmental hazards. Climate-controlled units will be kept in a cool, dry, and protected unit that can withstand fierce weather. This is an especially good option if you plan to store electronics, products, furniture, clothes, or documents
  • Outdoor access: If you’re planning on hauling inventory around, you’ll need an easy way to access it. Drive up storage units are a great option for businesses that require quick and convenient way to access their belongings
Cons of Commercial Storage
  • Extra monthly costs: While renting a storage unit is cheaper than renting out a larger office space, it still requires a monthly fee. If you aren’t in the position to spend a few extra hundred dollars every month, this might not be the option for you
  • Accessing files/supplies can be difficult: If you aren’t working directly out of the unit, then you’ll have to commute. When you suddenly need a specific file or tool, it can be very inconvenient to travel all the way to your storage unit
  • Space: Storage units are roomy, but they only get so big! If you have large amounts of inventory, you might need to upsize to a warehouse option

Portable Storage Options

For certain businesses, you may not need all the extra space that a storage unit provides. You don’t want to pay for space you aren’t going to use! In instances like this, more portable options may be better for you.

Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile trailers are a popular option for certain professions like contracting, or for businesses undergoing a remodel. These trailers are great because they are more affordable than renting additional office space, along with the variability of customizing it and making it as big or as small as you need.

One thing to consider about using mobile trailers is that they can be a pretty pricey option, and they aren’t as mobile as their title suggests! Renting a mobile office trailer can be a few hundred dollars a month, which increases depending on the size. Relocating your mobile office trailer can also come with additional fees, like zoning, maintenance and repair, and permits.

So, if you are looking to lay down some roots for your business, this could be a good option for you! But if you are looking for something a little cheaper and much more mobile, look no further than U-Box by U-Haul.

U-Box by U-Haul

At U-Haul, we know that not everybody can commit to a full-size storage unit. That’s why we created U-Box by U-Haul, the service that can provide portable storage containers right to your door. U-Box containers can hold over a room and a half’s worth of furniture, all while being completely portable

What Makes U-Box Containers the Best Storage Solution?

Flexibility: U-Box by U-Haul allows customers to rent our containers at a monthly rate of about $99 per box. You can rent as many as you need, and you can even return the boxes you don’t use for a refund. Once the boxes are in your possession, you can transport them wherever you need, or have us do it for you! Our containers are weather-resistant, meaning that even sitting outside on your property, everything inside is protected from the elements.

Security: Every U-Box container can be sealed with a lock and key, but it is not provided by U-Haul. Using your own lock can ensure that you are the only person with the key, not even our team members will be able to get into it. If you are looking for additional security, you can even have your U-Box container stored at the nearest U-Haul facility. This gives your container that maximum security that our storage facilities are known for!

Affordability: Even when your plans change, our prices don’t! We don’t charge extra fees due to cancellation or rescheduling. Our quotes include one month of storage at one of our facilities, delivery to and from the home, and shipment of the container. You don’t have to worry about being charged for the cost of fuel, lodging, or driving times.

Convenience: You can keep a U-Box container on your own property if you choose. This gives you quick access to all of your belongings. U-Box containers also come with a license plate, so they are street legal. This means that your U-Box can even be parked in the street if you are lacking in space. If you ever need to transport your container, you can hitch it to a truck and do it yourself, or even have us swing by and ship it for you. No extra charge, no hassle, and most importantly, no stress!

Small business owners have a million things to worry about, but storage shouldn’t be one of them. By renting a U-Box container, you can save time and money on storage, leaving you open to handle more pressing matters. When you’re looking for a storage solution that adapts to the specific needs of your business, you don’t need to look any further than U-Box by U-Haul.

On top of this, getting a quote on a U-Box container has never been easier. All we need is your zip code and the date you want the container by.

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With multiple delivery options, roomy containers, and the flexibility to adapt to your needs, U-Box by U-Haul is the ultimate storage solution for small businesses. Still have questions? See if we have the answer here.