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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Storage units are a useful tool when it comes to moving, renovating, or just trying to clear up some space in your home. But there are plenty of sizes to choose from, and it’s important to make sure you get the right fit for you. Wondering where to start? Here’s your ultimate guide to storage unit sizing!

New to the World of Self-Storage?

If you’ve never rented a storage unit before, it may seem like a lot of work in order to get started. But if you walk in prepared, it’s a breeze! Here are 5 things you should know if you’re shopping around for a storage unit for the first time.

Breaking Down the Sizes of Storage Units

Small Units

Small storage units and storage lockers are a little closer to closet size. They will range anywhere from 0-50 square feet. This means that they’re great for storing seasonal décor, clothing, and other small items that can be packed away in boxes. Let’s cover a few sizes that small storage units come in:


You won’t be able to fit any large items in a 5x5 storage unit, but it is a great option for storing smaller items like seasonal clothing and décor, important documents, or summer storage for college students.


A 5x10 unit can hold much more than a 5x5. This size is ideal for people who have a studio or one bedroom apartment. On top of boxes of clothes and decorations, a 5x10 storage unit can also hold:

  • A queen-sized mattress
  • Dresser and nightstands
  • Flatscreen TV + TV stand
  • Couch/Recliner/Chair
  • Tools
  • Bike/Weights/ Sports equipment


Medium Units

Medium sized storage units are great for family homes, moving between apartments, or renovations and remodels. Mid-sized units will range anywhere from 51-150 square feet, making it ideal for storing larger items.


The 5x15 storage units are comparable to an extended walk-in closet. Like the 5x10 unit, you can hold a queen-sized mattress, dressers, love seats, and sports equipment. But it can also hold bulkier items like washers, dryers, or fridges. This unit is ideal for storing items from a small one bedroom or studio apartment.


10x10 storage units are the most popular among consumers, probably because they can fit a whole lot of stuff! You can fit about three rooms’ worth of belongings. This means that it’s great for holding furniture while you move or renovate your home. You can fit stuff like:

  • A king-sized mattress
  • Living room furniture set
  • Large appliances
  • Entertainment centers
  • Coffee and end tables


10x15 storage units are a small step up from the 10x10 units. They are equipped to hold 4 rooms’ worth of stuff, so larger families will appreciate the extra room! It’s a great storage unit size for moving between apartments, homes, and freeing up space in a garage.

Did You Know?

Storage units can come in indoor and outdoor options. Indoor storage units are great for extra security and climate-controlled storage, whereas outdoor storage units can be driven up to for convenient and frequent access. Depending on what you plan on storing, one may be a better option for you!


Large Units

If you have a lot of stuff, or in need of vehicle storage, you are going to have to look at even bigger units. Large storage units are 150 square feet or larger and can come in both interior and drive-up options.


If you were looking for a storage unit that’s the size of a single-car garage, you’ll need a 10x20 unit. You can store up to 4 full bedrooms’ worth of belongings or one vehicle. You can fit:

  • Bedroom, living room, dining room, and patio furniture
  • Exercise equipment
  • Large appliances
  • Larger instruments (like a piano!)


10x25 storage units are slightly larger than the 10x20, which makes it ideal for vehicles. In fact, this is a great size for storing a boat, water skis, ATVs, or other recreational sporting equipment.


This is the largest storage unit you can rent, at 300 square feet. It’s roughly the size of 1 ½ car garage. 10x30 units can hold an entire household’s worth of belongings, a perfect option for storing items when moving houses.

Does the Size of a Storage Unit Matter?

Yep! Picking the best size unit for your needs can save you trouble down the road, so it’s important to make an accurate estimate. This helps save you from filling up a storage unit too quickly, or leave you stuck paying for space that you aren’t using.

The size of a storage unit also plays into the total monthly cost you’ll owe. When you pick the right size storage unit, you’ll really get your money’s worth!

When it comes to self-storage, you can’t beat U-Haul. With locations in all 50 states and several Canadian provinces, along with plenty of storage sizes to choose from, you always be able to find high-quality storage facilities in your area.

Conquer the clutter, find a storage unit near you today!


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